Policy of Storage Paper and Plastic Scrap shipments

Dear Valued Customers,

The recent Chinese ban on plastic imports continues its impact around the world. Scrap is being diverted to other markets, particularly to many Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam. However, tons of plastic waste will end up in landfills due to an absence of anywhere else to send it.

In order to prevent piling up this kind of commodity in our port’s yard which caused low cargo-velocity and other unexpected issues with shipping lines (especially storage charge and time of transferring to ICDs), we would like to inform our policy for shipments of scrap plastic/paper discharged at VICT as below:

1.     VICT does not encourage ship-operator/container-operator (SO/CO) to discharge scrap plastic shipments at VICT. We understand some carriers are already making alternative arrangement to delivering scarp cargo import to other delivery point or direct to consignee’s facility. VICT only encourage those shipments which have valid import license and commitment from consignees on specific time of taking delivery. For long-stay / abandon containers & cargo, the CO may be advised by Customs authorities, Cargo Confiscation Committee or other Governmental Agencies to bear the cost of cargo-disposal and re-export, long storage, demurrage cost and other related administrative cost. Besides, the disposal of scrap plastic will also harm the environment which is not supported by Government.

2.     For any scrap plastic/paper shipments discharged at VICT over 15 days, we may apply accumulative storage charges and collect ICD barging charges for those shipments as per our public tariff and chargeable to the SO/CO.

We are looking forward to your understanding and utmost cooperation on this matter.


Thanks & Best Regards,


For and on behalf of

First Logistics Development Joint Venture Company


Mr. Kong Wai Keong

General Director




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