The Vietnamese government is planning to offer special preferential customs treatment to large volume importer/exporters with a clean track record, a customs official said. The General Customs Department of Vietnam will issue "super-green" customs cards to companies that earn at least US$100 million from the previous year's export turnover, [or tax payments of VND150 billion ($9,2 million) and 1,500 import-export customs declarations.

The super-green card holders would enjoy quick customs clearance, exemption from pot checks and other preferential treatment at nationwide border gates and ports.

While easing procedures for law abiding businesses, they could also qualify for a grace period in paying taxes, and the card would retain validity for 12 months.

Currently, the country's customs branches have applied "green" customs cards to enterprises who have not been convicted of smuggling, trade fraud, tax evasion or payment delays of more than 90 days.

The green customs cards issued by city-provincial-level are valid within those cities and provinces.

Some 200 of the total 14,000 companies nationwide would satisfy criteria for the latest card, according to the department.

The improved customs procedures and reformed Customs Law approved by the National Assembly in 2005 will contribute to free up goods in border gates and ports, easing the volume of import-export documentation.

The country has issued green customs cards to exporter/importer since early this year, easing procedures on the majority of goods that move in and out of the city-provincial border-gates and ports.

As the nation's business hub, Ho Chi Minh City's customs department has granted "green" cards to over 1,000 enterprises, exempting a majority of import-export items, to 70 percent daily, from customs official checks.

Source : Thanhnien Online