Pioneering the utilization of Information Technology (IT) in Vietnam has given VICT our competitive edge in our industry.

IT is applied throughout our computer-aided operations and management at the terminal to achieve rapid and accurate sharing and information processing. Thus, minimizing any human error.

We are the first container terminal in Vietnam to apply Electronic Data Inter-change (EDI) in communication data exchange with our shipping lines.

Terminal Management System (TMS) is the core of our Port Information Centre and it is specially designed to suit Vietnam's conditions. This effectively harnesses the advantages of IT and EDI in shipping, terminal operation and management.

In addition, we have successfully launched our Wireless Hand-held system for real-time Yard Management. This system is a robust, real-time solution that enables us to maximize yard space utilization, and to eliminate unproductive container movement and equipment idle time. This, in turn results in reduced harbour fees, improved container location accuracy, and reduced loading and unloading times.

IT has enabled VICT to become more efficient and reliable, making us more attractive to our current and potential clients.

We have implemented NAVIS SPARCS System successfully since December 2007, to increase Terminal Productivity and User Efficiency by

VICT provides connection for Remote Access from Shipping Lines Office to VICT System and Customer Portal via website. This is to allow Shipping Lines to monitor their equipment in real-time without a need for an on-site office. VICT also provide Online Tracking System at our website where our customers can conveniently check and monitor their vessel’s schedule, container status, and customs clearance.


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