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In response to safety concerns resulting from inaccurately declared container weight, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) amended in 2014, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Chapter VI, Part A, Regulation 2, to require that packed container's gross mass be verified prior to stowage aboard a ship (SOLAS Amendment). The new rules will enter into force on July 01, 2016 on an international level and in over 170 countries. The SOLAS Amendment provides that the "shipper" will be solely responsible for verifying the packed container's gross mass and transmitting this Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information to the carrier sufficiently in advance of vessel loading. The carrier shall in turn provide the VGM information to VICT, as the terminal-operator, to give instruction to load the container, or otherwise, and for vessel load-planning purpose.

We would like to introduce VICT’s SOLAS Export Policy and the Workflow Chart as in the attached file for your reference. The purpose of this Policy is to explain how VICT may implement this SOLAS Requirement when customer engages us for port/terminal services.


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