Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your precious support and cooperation.

In order to improve the management of DG container at VICT, we would like to re-inform the regulation on applying surcharge to Customers, Shipping lines, or Agents who wrongly declare DG status of container as follows:

1.    Inbound/outbound laden container is DG, but Customer/Shipping line/Agent does not declare it in document (packing, discharging list or loading list) sent to VICT.

2.    Inbound laden container is declared as DG, but there is not DG label stuck on it.

3.    Inbound laden container is not DG, Customer/Shipping Line/Agent does not declare as DG, but there is DG label stuck on it.

4.    Empty container discharged from vessel with DG label stuck on it.

·     Rate of surcharge is applied for above wrong declaration: VND1,687,273/container.

·     In addition, Customer/Shipping line/Agent has to pay service fee for sticking or removing DG labels with the rate of VND105,455/container.

All above rates are not including 10% VAT.

Thank you and best regards,


For and on behalf of

First Logistics Development Joint Venture Company

Mr. Kong Wai Keong

General Director 

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