Ho Chi Minh City, May 10th 2013


Dear Distinguished Customers,

RE: Revised Procedure on Receiving/Delivering of Cargo and Container

First of all, we sincerely thank you for your kind support all these years and look forward to continue our business relationship for many more years to come.

According to notification from the Police, recently there has been an involvement of syndicate in the theft of information and/or forgery of customers’ document, to receiving container and cargo at the ports. As a result of such fraudulence, tens of containers were taken out of the many ports in Ho Chi Minh City in year 2012. FLDC has to enhance our process control on the delivering/receiving of cargo/container in VICT to prevent the theft/loss of cargo and to better safeguard the interest of the cargo-owners.

In order to ensuring that the cargo is released/delivered to the right owner, we kindly request you to provide the following additional document at the time of submitting the Delivery-Order (DO) during the process of taking delivery of cargo and laden container in VICT:

  • An Introduction Letter and hard copy of ID card if you are receiving your own cargo or cargo of your company
  • Introduction Letter, hard copy of ID card and Authorization Letter if you are receiving cargo that belongs to other cargo-owner other than yourself

Notes: The cargo-owner / consignee may issue a blanket Introduction Letter & the Authorization Letter stating clearly the validity period of the coverage, preferably with period ending 30th June or 31st December for our ease of tracking and records.

The above-mentioned procedure shall take effect from 1st June 2013. We thank you for your attention and cooperation in this respect.

Thanks and best regards.

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