Safety First In VICT

“For the people, We care”, at VICT Safety is everybody's business


As we are all aware, the terminal is a place where sees dense traffic of heavy container tractors, of mobile container handling equipment such as Rail-mounted quay cranes, Rubber-Tyred Gantry cranes, Reach Stackers, Hi-lift Forklifts and pedestrians. Therefore, FLDC suggests all customers, visitors when enters VICT terminal observing our General Safety Rules and the Traffic-in-Port rule ultimately for the safety of their own. The truck drivers should obey the driving safety rule . The Security in uniform will be the one helping outsider to find a safe way or guide them through.


VICT is equipped with modern fire prevention and fire fighting devices. The terminal has two water sources to control the fire: one from river water through 2 big diesel pumps 60l/s and one from the fresh water through elevated water tower. Besides, sprinkler system and portable powder and CO2 fire extinguishers will be helpful in immediate response to small fire. In-house fire brigade consisting of 80 staff frequently trained and drilled is an asset of the company. VICT also has deal with local Fire Police and Tan thuan EPZ Fire Brigade in receiving their assistance within 10 minute.
There are some non-smoking areas in terminal namely CFS1 and Fuel station. Everyone is prohibited smoking there.


All operational staff working in VICT wears individual protective clothes suiting their job. Monthly safety meeting is held between all Section Heads and our Contractors to review safety situation, discuss and suggest ways to improve. From the year 2000 until now, no fatigue accident happens at VICT.


VICT well applies the IMO “International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code-2000 Edition” since July 2000. All shipment containing dangerous goods is carefully checked then planned to isolate at specifically assigned area. Detail handling guideline together with Emergency Schedule and Medical First Aid Guideline will be advised to operators, stuffing/unstuffing stevedore so that people can prepare suitable protective devices. Howver, there are some dangerous goods are not allowed to land at VICT due to the danger thereof. For more information, please see our policy regarding this: FLDC POLICY ON DANGEROUS GOODS-Rev1 We also require everyone concerned observing the rules: DG RULES

Safety Section belonging to Terminal Services Dept will response to customer's enquiry on policy or specific advise to specific dangerous goods.

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