Dear Valued Customers & Business Associates,

Kindly be informed that I will be resigning from my role as the General Director of VICT, with effect from 31st January 2022.

It has been a great pleasure and fruitful experience working with you all throughout the past year; despite 2021 might be one of more challenging years in terms of the unprecedented operation difficulties encountered throughout the lockdown. Thank you for the trust & support from all of you, enabling VICT to tackle all the challenge successfully.

I am grateful to be a part of VICT team which I strongly believed going forward in many ways VICT team are coming out of the pandemic stronger than ever. This momentum will carry on by showing what is possible with purpose and the will to take action, and to drive meaningful and deliberate change for greater service level to all our customers.

A separate arrangement will be made for my successor who will be announced in due course.

Once again, thank you for your continuous support to VICT.

Wishing you and your family to have a joyful, prosper and healthy Tet Holidays.

For and on behalf of

First Logistics Development (JV) Company



Mr. Ho Wai Kit

General Director


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